My GIT projects

I made some Java projects and put them on GIT. They could be helpful to get a basic understanding of Rest API, web page development and testing automation.

I decided that the best way is to develop some basic chat application. I started with console chat, but I could not find any sources…

Here are chronologically ordered GIT projects (I do not recommend to review projects, earlier then Chat with Maven. but there are no security at all in my first projects, so, they could be interesting for the very beginners because everything is extremely straight forward there):

  • After that I took couple courses and made a test automation framework for my company, but I could not share it here.
  • I read a lot about NoSQL and decided – this is a great idea to update my chat, that’s how AngularJS + Java +…. + Cassandra Chat appeared.
  • After that I decided to do a next edition of my chat, so I added some new cool features like – image sending, file sending, Facebook-like wall (same idea – no the same implementation, of course), so I made new Chat version with Maven.