Business and Systems Analysts Guided Training. October 2018

Hello everybody! My name is Alexey Kiselev and I am a Lead Business Systems Analyst with 10+ years of experience. I have taught a number of in-person courses (something about 15), video courses like this one from Udemy with more than 2500 students from 120 countries. My last training in Russian was attended by 280 students, an English version was limited to 12 persons.

I started my career in 2008 as a Business Analyst, nowadays I am working with Grid Dynamics and Apple Inc. I built a couple asset management systems for oil corporations, federal government statistic storage, a number of different Case Management solutions, improved couple of platforms for budgeting and Case Management, etc.

Why do we need this training in general?

My main aim is to give you an opportunity to complete the real application requirements from idea to implementation. No long lectures, just tasks and challenges with my help and guidance (and some useful hyperlinks). The better performance – the better results.

What are we going to do with our 1 month training?

Oh, this is obvious – we are going to study. A lot.

  • You will discover problems that the customer (me) is facing
  • You will try to solve these problems somehow (for example – with a simple application).
  • You will do a full vision document.
  • You will describe one User Story with a Use Case.
  • You will fix non-functional requirements.
  • I will skip database model step.
  • I will skip creating a task for developers to implement one user interface step.

It will be no friendly customer – only my skeptical view and a limited time. Do not expect a lot of pure BPMN and UML because I’m a bit tired of them and analysis is mostly about your brain and analytical skills and techniques – not just about diagrams. I wish we could also do implementation and testing, but once again, this is 1 month express training.

How are we going to do that?

I’ll provide at least 2 feedback sessions for all your documents. This is not a boring theoretical course (if you need a boring one – you can get access by following this hyperlink). My feedback will be available via Google Class comments, via the Telegram text chat form 8 am – 10 am and 4 pm – 8 pm Pacific Standard Time (PST) weekly.

No webinars or calls planned.

What will you receive by the end of the training?

My respect and reference via Linkedin. Why respect? Because it seems OK to me to remove people from the group with no refund if they are not actively working for any reason (if you already have an intensive project at work – please do not apply). You will also get a free certificate from Udemy.

Who will find this training useful?

It seems to me that 1-5 years of experience will be best to fit the basic training requirements. All you need is a theoretical base.

What is the length of the training?

Around one month.

When are we going to start?

October 2nd.


I don’t see any sense in excluding 95% of students during my training, so I will charge you for motivational amount (you can donate to WWF or any other organization) . This is non-refundable even if you were extracted from the training.

How do I become a student?

Just apply via google form:

There is a limited amount of spots there.

Approximate Schedule

Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at 3.42.44 PM


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