Java, NoSQL, SQL, REST API and other scary words

Simple Chat Application (REST API)


This is a simple restfull chat application to send messages between friends. Key features:

  • Register to the System
  • Login
  • Send/Approve Friendship Request
  • View friends list
  • Ignore User
  • Send Message
  • Delete account Minor features:
  • Auto update messages and friends lists
  • Security by Token

Link to the project upon request.

Short Demo


Simple Chat is a 3 tier Web application:

  • The DB has been developed on MySQL Workbench 6.3.
  • As a Backend I used Apache Tomcat with Java and JDBC, Server responds with XML or JSON (I used both format to show the difference, but JSON is preferrable for AngularJS) by HTTP GET.
  • The Front End is AngularJS with JavaScript, which provides great flexibility (I didn’t use bootstrap library and all CSS file is a custom one).

High level application architecture



I prepared UI automation tests automation using Selenium, Java(Junit) and Ant library for displaying test suites results. This is a separate application:

Database model


If somebody would like to reproduce my application for educational purposes, then I would recommend next resources:

RESTful Web Services. Introduction

Angular JS documentation

AngularJS $http Service

AngularJS menu implementation

Angular list implementation

XML data format

This one will help you to generate id for your session


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